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A fine Saturday. Sometimes slightly cloudy but mostly sunny, the temperature is modest. I did a washing, put futom mattresses on the terrace to air them and vacuumed and wiped the floors of all rooms. This is unusual for usually I share the house cleaning with mother, but she is now on her short trip with friends again (and I think it's good that being 80 years old still she has the energy and friends to travel with.) and I'm alone at home so I cleaned all the rooms. This made me remember my feeling of the early days in this house, just after the rebuilding 3 years ago, and I again heartily feel my fortune to live here. Outside in the garden the irises and azalea frlowers are gone now but the fish mint shows its tiny white flowers here and there, gardenia has just begun to bloom and I enjoyed its sweet scent. I put fish mint flowers in a small vase and put it on the shelf of the toilet. The familiar homeless cat appeared and enjoyed snacks I gave him, then relaxed in the shade, sometimes looked at the small butterfly flitting around. Late in the morning I picked some mint leaves to make a pot of mint tea and seated myself at the desk and ...am writing this :)

This is the quite ordinary, peaceful, and really a luxurious time for me. There are many things I don't have, have never owned - I mainly mean my own family - but this peaceful life, this quietness is one of the things I most appreciate, on such day I feel sheer happiness with what I own and do not own.

I saw the second white cat with black spots (the left) today - she is the mother of our homeless cat(the right) and it's weeks since I have seen her last time. I'm glad to know she is fine :)
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