katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Rainy morning

The rainy morning. The temperature is lower than it was yesterday. On my way to the office I noticed the subtle scent of tree just for a moment, maybe pine tree. And it reminded me of Switzerland - my travel to Switzerland. I have been there some times for my holiday and made a lot of walks on the alps, in the woods or valleys, and I'm not sure when and where I had smelt the pine. Though I think... it's amazing that how deeply a smell can impress us. And the smell of trees or plants often makes me remember my travel abroad, maybe because on my travel my sence of smell becomes keener than usual as other senses do.
Near my office I saw Dokudami (fish mint) were in full bloom on the roadside. I like their tiny white flowers very much.

Tags: daily life

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