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A day in Kimono

Yesterday I went out with a friend. This was our scheduled "going out in kimono" day, and we chose the suitable place for our traditional attire. Our destination was Sankei-en, the famous Japanese garden in Yokohama. And before visiting there we had our lunch in a nicest Japanese restaurant nearby. It's a rather expensive place, but not the modern & smart restaurant. The building was the relocated old traditional country house and had a small but very nice garden. They served traditional home-cooking like cuisine, not very sophisticated but tasted very good and each dish was also beautiful.

(The entrance of the restaurant, and our table.)

(From our table we could see the beautiful colour of their garden.)

(...and their food. Most of them were vegetables, very healthy, and tasted good. And look at these beautiful plates.)

Quite satisfied with our lunch, we then visited Sankei-en. There, again, the colours of greenery were just wonderful! Many people were enjoying strolling around but it's a big garden and still had quiet, peaceful atmosphere.

(In Sankei-en, there are not only the trees, flowers, ponds but also many historic buildings which have been relocated from various parts of Japan.)

(And this is me in my kimono :)

This was a very windy but warm, fresh, comfortable spring day. We enjoyed our "kimono day" very much!
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