katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

on the train

We sometimes hear that the foreign visitors are surprised to see the passengers sleeping in the trains in Tokyo. I don't know if the foreigners are really surprised but it's true that Japanese passengers often nap on train benches.

When I visit Europe I never sleep on the local bus or trains even after the long day of sightseeing for safety's sake. But here, in Japanese commuter trains, yes I often nap... maybe the sway of the bus or train makes me sleepy especially with such summer heat.

Today I have been to somewhere in Tokyo to attend some business seminar. It's about 1 hour train journey to go there from my town Yokohama and I was sleeping SOUNDLY all the way (^^;)... but napping on the bench of train carriage is not the good way to rest, when I came home I felt I need to have a rest... (@_@)
Tags: daily life

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