katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

a quiet evening

Mother seems to catch a cold. She said she was faverish, and had little appetite. It's unusual, she is quite well for her age(80) and seldom feel unwell. After supper she went to bed early. So at the moment it's quite quiet in the house, I alone awake and do something on my desk.

In our small entrance hall now we have this. Mother bought these flowers yesterday ... for at the moment we have little flowers in our garden.

When I was young red rose was my favorite flower. Even now I like it, but now I prefer more natural, quiet flowers. This kind of roses seem to me too showy. No... maybe I should say that this flower doesn't mutch with my small wooden house, in a huge, old, gorgeous mansion it would look more beautiful. In a word red rose is Western flower, I think.

Today I have read a book, checked the photos of Mr.Uma (to make a kind of photo album) on computer, searched the internet for the information about Cornwall, practiced wearing kimono. I haven't seen a (homeless) cat at all today but heard their miaow some times. An ordinary, peaceful Saturday.

(I tried to wear another kimono today.)
Tags: daily life, mr.uma

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