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The Slav Epic

I've had some paid holidays which are valid till the end of this month, so I took a day off today. It was a chilly cloudy day, but in my garden I saw a cute bulbul eating the remain of kumquat fruit.

In the afternoon I went to Roppongi, Tokyo.It's a big downtown, my purposes was visiting an art exhibition, and visiting my friend's grave. Roppongi was originally an old residential area, my friend's husband's family has lived there for generations and their family grave is in a small graveyard in towncentre. My friend died young some years ago, so whenever I go to Roppongi I visit her grave.

(The tombstone of my friend's family grave. I put some white flowers for her.)

And, I visited the National Art Center near Roppongi station, where they are holding the exhibition of Mucha. The Czech artist Alfons Mucha is very popular in Japan and some Japanese art museums own good collections of his works. But this exhibition is a very, very special one, they show Mucha's The Slav Epic - all of them, 20 huge paintings - now, here in Japan! Unbelievable! They might be the real national treasure and it's amazing and quite generous that the Czech let those great paintings be exhibited in foreign country ( I heard this is the first time to bring those paintings out of the Czech Republic.). Anyone who knows what kind of paintings they are might understand that Japanese art lovers are now quite exciting!

Of course it's first time for me to see these paintings - surely the first and the last opportunity to see them in my own country. I've seen the small photo of them on some books for years, but the real ones ...oh it's impossible to express how they were overwhelmingly wonderful. The greatness, the colour, the composition, the details.

(Taking photos are permitted only in one hall - of course without flashlight, these are the photos I took there today.)

(Look at the amazing size of the works!)

(The last painting of the series - Apotheosis of the Slavs)

(The wonderful detail of one of the paintings. Beautiful colour...)

When I left the Art Center it has begun raining, a gloomy day. And I took a crowded trains to come home in the evening. But this was a very good day off!
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