katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

walking on a fine day

Yesterday afternoon I went out with my friend. We visited some small park and certain street which are famous for their cherry trees. They are not the ordinary cherry trees, have the early-bloom blossoms and bloom  in February. Unfortunately we were late - the cherry flowers were mostly gone. But it's a fine day, and we saw many rape blossoms along the street, they were beautiful in the warm sunlight.

In a small park we saw 2 cats enjoying the sun, they were very friendly and I stroked them for a while... fun! X)

(This girl was also enjoying touching the cats. A good girl!)

Then we went back to the downtown, had supper together and talked much. My friend was younger than me, independent, talented woman but she has some problems about her health, job and love affair at the moment - rather worrisome situation, and it's very difficult to help her. I myself enjoyed outing and talking with her, but also I hoped this outing might be a good relief for her.
Tags: travel/going out

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