katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

a beautiful Sunday

It was a wonderfully sunny day today. Because of the bright sunshine the temperature was not much low, it's comfortable to be out in the garden though there are little flowers. I love this rather naked garden with brown grass, it looks so clean.

It's sunny but a bit windy, and I found some small, white petals of Japanese apricot flower on the grass. We don't have Japanese apricot trees so they must come from our neighbour's garden by wind.

Around noon we saw the familiar homeless cat walking in our garden. Against the tacit but rather strict rule between us, mother gave her a small piece of cracker. She ate it and tried to jump on our terrace (clearly wanted more food) but when we said No she went away, not hurriedly.

In the afternoon I took out my kimono, sash and other things from the drawers to practice wearing kimono. It's been months since when I did it last time and I have half forgotten how to wear Obi (sash) XD  I need more frequent practice! Anyway it's good I could do it today... X)

(This is the reflection in the mirror.)

In the evening I watched DVD - one of my favorite films "Master and Commander" for the first time in years. Recently it's not easy to make time to watch DVD of movie or TV rama at home so I enjoyed it very much :)

Well... this is rather plain, quiet Sunday at home. But a nice day :)
Tags: daily life

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