katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

I'm mad!!

The news of riots and looting in England are first very shocking to me. If they happened in USA I would not be surprised, but in UK? It's almost unbelievable. Of course I know England is no paradise, it has its own serious problems as other countries do. Still for me, who has admired Britain for many years, it seems to be the country of discipline (or I hope so).

And now, after seeing many reports... I feel really mad at those stupid rioters!! I don't think they are the unfortunate poor people nor part of ordinary people reluctantly involved in the disturbance, they seems to be just foolish young drunken with the violence. They are the fools who have no rights to be British. Though I'm just one of the foreigners who adores UK I'd like to tell them "stop destroy MY beloved England!!!!!"
Tags: thought

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