katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Why. always. me?

When I went to an overnight trip to Nikko and Nasu with my friend, though I enjoyed the outing, there was also unhappy incident.

I can't go to sleep easily always, I'm very nervous of noise and often have difficulties with snores of my companions who share the room with me.
I knew that the friend I travel with snores rather louder, I was a bit afraid of sharing room with her. And just like I was afraid of... she snored very...NOISY X(

She must have been tired for she had been driving all day, also she drank much liquor before going to bed and maybe alcohol made her snoring worse. Anyway I found I could not sleep at all beside her bed. I had endured the noise about an hour before I decided to escape. Fortunately the cottage we stayed had 2 rooms, bedroom and sitting room. Both were small and there was just a thin screen separating them, but I brought my quilt to the sofa and shut the screen. Even though I heard her snoring I managed to sleep after some...effort.

But how can I explain about this to my friend? She's a good friend and I owe her a lot, I didn't want to hurt her feelings and being a very proud person she could be hurt easily.
And, midnight, I asked to myself that why it's always ME who suffer, not my companion?

Fortunately I woke up very early next morning - it means I slept about just 3 hours - and could back to my bed beside hers. I don't know if she noticed my movement but at least she was sleeping soundly when I went to bed again.

And I decided. I would NEVER share the bedroom with any friend again on my holiday trip... :(

The cottage was very nice but... it's a nightmare to stay there X(

My reluctant "bedroom"...
Tags: travel/going out

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