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appresiate the sun

Recently I've been busy in the office. I haven't done much overtime work but had little time to relax during the workhours so I was rather tired. Yesterday(Saturday) it's raining all day, miserably chilly. And I woke up early & left home at 7:30am to take Mr.Uma to the vet. Recently his condition has not been good, because of the terrible malocclusion he has various disorder and has bad germs. Yesterday the vet found a worrisome ulcer on his left eyeball, which would blind him without proper treatment. He ran germs test, we talked about what we'd do for Mr.Uma. When I came home with Mr.Uma, and with some medicine for him, it was half past 1pm. Both of Mr.Uma and his owner were exhausted. And his condition of course made me feel gloomy. In the evening I went to the concert hall to listen to the classical music with friends but I can't say I fully enjoyed the evening. I was tired.

This morning I woke up a bit late - have slept well! - and found the sun shone beautifully! I cleaned rooms, washed the clothes, put my futon mattresses on the terrace to air them, took Mr.Uma's cage apart to clean it. All the while Mr.Uma was napping on my coverlet as usual. In my garden the chrysanthemums are in full bloom so I put some flowers in the vases.

(I saw a big orange cat - not sure if it is one of the homeless cats or someone's pet... - was strolling under the shade of chrysanthemums.)

Now Mr.Uma is eating his vegetable eagerly in his cage, I love to hear his munching sound. The mild sunshine makes me feel quite different ... everything seem to be OK. His ulcer would be cured by the medicine. Thanks this fine day :)

(3 kinds of eyedrops for Mr.Uma, to cure the ulcer.)
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