katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

At last, autumn days :)

After two wet days today it's cloudy but dry and cool, I decided that this is the day for gardening! (Oh...  and today is a national holiday)  In the morning and then afternoon I went out into the garden, and cut some overgrown plants with the gardeners scissors, pulled up weeds, raked up the dead leaves and mowes the lawn. We (I and mother) are poor gardeners and now we have a little flowers here, but I saw some. Toad lilies(by the way, my favorite flower) began to bloom, and chrysanthemum are preparing to come out.

In the evening the volunteer lady came here to release the cats which have been trapped around here some days ago and had neutering surgery. I helped her to take the big cage out of her car and open its door, and saw the 2 cats ran away like rabbits! X) I think - I hope soon I'd see them strolling or relaxing in my garden :)

(2 young cats recently neutered in the cage. They ran away into my garden, and will stay in our neighborthood :)

A nice autumn day!
Tags: daily life

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