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Since we had trapped the homeless cats in our neighbourhood to neuter them I have seen no homeless cats in our garden for days - some kittens were not returned for the volunteer kept them to find the people who'd adopt them, just adult cats have returned around here but they might be very nervous and hiding. But this afternoon I saw 3 cats playing in our garden, not the one I most care - the mother cat trapped in our garden - I haven't seen her yet after her surgery. But our "ordinary" life seems to returned now, seeing those cats made us really relieved. They somewhat seem to be the symbol of our peaceful daily life.

This morning I took my rabbit Mr.Uma to the vet for his routine examination. I can't say he is in his best condition, terrible malocclusion has caused many disorders, he also has some mysterious tumors. I and the vet has agreed that he won't perform surgery on Mr.Uma any more for he is too old for general anesthesia, and the vet cuts his overgrown teeth and gives him some medicines every time. Though Mr.Uma does well for his not-perfect condition, he eats well and poop properly, sometimes jumps onto my lap to get the treat :)
But yes he is an old rabbit now. He has disliked to be on my lap very much, never be held when he was young. Now he is OK when I lift him into my arms, today he has stayed on my lap meekly for hours when I watched DVD. His aging gives him some calmness which gives me some quiet happiness.

Dear small animals have the shorter life than ours though they give us many things. I just appreciate them very much.
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