katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

biscuit box in the office

This box is filled with small packages of homemade biscuits, on the shelf in our office.

Anyone can buy one for 100 yen - just put the coin in a moneybox and take one package. The unmanned stall is now rather popular in Japanese office, here we have had one for years with which we can buy biscuits, chocolate, rice crackers, vebarage and icecream. So we don't need to go out when we want to get something sweet during the worktime. And this box is new to us, these biscuits are made by the mentally handicapped people working at some production facility in Yokohama. With buying these buscuits we can support them, and homemade biscuits taste better than the mass product seld in the ordinary shops, and they are more reasonable, I think. So this is a great idear to put this box in the office, don't you think so?
The problem is that this small box is a big temptation for us, I at least try to buy just one package each workday XD
Tags: daily life

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