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Visiting a friend, and autumn.

Yesterday I visited a friend to talk with her, and enjoy he home-made dishes - yes, she is a good cook! :) But it took more than 2 hours and half by train & bus from my house to hers, it's a long journey! The weather was gloomy, rain then cloudy, but the temperature was low and the cool, wet air was filled with the sweet smell of fragrant olive when I got off the local bus near her house. We have wonderful lunch, then home-made trifle ... and talking, talking, talking X)

(Look at these yummy food! Salad with fruits, pasta, coronation chicken, sandwiches...)
She is 7 year older than me and has many interesting experiences so it's interesting to talk with her. Also, she has a black cat and I've hoped to meet her - maybe some pat on her - but unfortunately she is a very nervous cat, during my stay in their house - almost 5 hours - she (not my friend, but the black cat) has been on the high shelf where I couldn't reach all the while XD
It was a long journey again to come home yesterday evening so I'm a bit tired today...

But today, the weather is better! Cloudy in the morning then we have mild sunshine, I could wash some summer stuff. In the garden the autumn plants are lively now and the breeze is really comfortable!

Unfortunately the weather forecast say we'll more wet days next week... so today is really a precious nice day! :)
Tags: daily life, travel/going out

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