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at the port

Recently I've been busy and stressed in the office, today I've felt really disgusted with my job, with my team, with the company and myself. It's quite obvious that I needed some distraction, so in the afternoon I left the office earlier than usual and went to the port of Yokohama.There, at the biggest pier one huge cruise ship, some smaller ones and one tall ship anchored. Of course my favorite was the tall ship. It was Kaiwo Maru 2nd, one of the 2 training tall ships in Japan.

It's quite rare that the tall ship anchor to Yokohama, so there were many people taking photos of it :)
I really love the details of her. A very beautiful ship.

At the other side of the pier there was Pacific Venus, the second biggest Japanese cruise ship. I have little interest in this kind of huge ships ... they look like floating building, their cabins must be nice but I can find no elegance in them.
She was just leaving the pier and there was send-off music, her passengers were on deck to see the band on the pier.

Look at some cabins had the private verandas! How luxury! It must be very expensive to stay in those cabin...

It's interesting to see the huge ship leaving the port with a fireboat doing its farewell display.
Tags: travel/going out

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