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trap a cat

As I often report here there are many homeless cats in my neighbourhood. I don't care they stroll around here and sometimes poop on our lawn, but I have not think it's good for themselves to let them free to breed as often as they wish. I've known that our ward office has some subsidy for "TNR" - trap, neuter and return the homeless cats - activity and have contacted a volunteer since this summer. The volunteer lady has asked about the cats to my neighbours for weeks - then found that 2 or 3 of my neighbours feed them regularly! Maybe we are the only family who likes and is tolerant to the homeless cats but never feed them! No wonder they never leave our neighbourhood.
Anyway, after weeks of preparation the volunteer has set traps for the homeless cats in the garden of our and one of my neighbour's this morning. There were 3 in my garden, when I came home from the office this evening I went out into the garden to see what kind of trap she'd set. Then... I saw a cat in one of thoese trap cages X(
In the garden of our neighbour, they also got one cat - a mother cat. So the volunteer visited us again late in the evening to take them into her care then to the vet clinic to neuter them.

There are still 2 traps in my garden at the moment. I hope we'd get 1 or 2 more cats till next morning...
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