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The high summer

Tuesday evening I returned home from a short trip to Kanazawa. It was a nice distraction from the busy daily life though it was very hot and humid there as it was in Yokohama (mother said she had to turn on the air conditioner all the while on the last weekend) and I was tired, I just took dirty clothes out of the bag, took a bath and went to bed. Wednesday I spent busy hours in the office, did some overtime job.
Fortunately today - Thursday - is a national holiday, also the temperature is a bit lower(still hot of course!) and mother is out all day. I cleaned all the rooms, cleared up the stuff I've used on my trip, did washing at my own pace. It's cloudy sometimes sun shines, cicadas' song is loud but nice - it's our favorite summer song! And in our garden white lilies are in bloom. When I opened the window in early morning their white flowers are really treat to my eyes recently.

(We didn't plant these lilies, they have just appeared. For we never put them out even when they grows in the middle of garden, now we have many lilies here and there.)

My rabbit Mr.Uma is not in his best condition but well enough, shows good appetite. Noa, my sister's black rabbit is also fine in my mother's room(My sister and her family are now on their summer trip and left Noa here).

(Mr.Uma on my futton.)

We are in high summer!
Tags: daily life, mr.uma, travel/going out

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