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Trip to Macau :)

Tuesday evening I came home from my short trip to Macau. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were workdays and I've been quite busy in the office, did some overtime work. I really felt that I was not the owl type... doing job in the evening tired me a lot. I thought "I'm very tired and need some holiday trip." ... then noticed I have just returned from one XD
Anyway now it's Saturday, I checked all the photos I've taken during my stay in Macau. In short, it was a wonderful trip!

This was my 2nd visit to Macau, but the 1st was 10 years ago and I didn't remember well how were things there and there must be many changes. I has been also worried about the weather but we were quite lucky about it, though the temperature and the humidity were high we have had no rain. And I really, really enjoyed my trip. Macau is famous for its casinos but you can enjoy enough without them. I and a friend stayed in a small and wonderful hotel which has been originally a Portuguese fort. So the building is very unique, and it has a nice swimming pool with big trees around it.
(The entrance of the hotel.)

(The hallway to the reception.)

(A small but comfortable swimming pool. We spent 1 or 2 hours late in the afternoon here on both of Sunday & Monday.)

We mainly enjoyed strolling around "Historic Centre of Macau", the UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many beautiful old buildings, churches and squares, most of them has big trees in front of or around them and their shade was wonderful in such hot & humid climate.

(Ruin of St.Paul's. Maybe the most famous sightseeing spot in Macau.)

(Leal Senado and Senado Square. Look at this beautiful pavement!)

(The beautiful Azulejo in the patio of Leal Senado.)

(Round incense in A-Ma temple.)

(The cloister of Moorish Barracks.)

(A square with the cross and the chinese style building behind it.)

(Dom Pedro V Theatre. I heard they still hold concert or play here.)

(St.Lawrence's Church)

(The great hall of Mandarin's House, the amazingly precious old residential complex in Chinese style.)

(The street which has once been the entertainment district, now these old buildings with red window frames and wooden shutters, and many shops and restaurants in them attract tourists.)

We saw a small shop where staffs were making traditional cookies in one of these houses on this street. This tasted great! Of course we bought some :)

Can you believe these various buildings are all in this small town? Macau has a taste of wonderful mixture of Western & Asian essence. And I must write about the wonderful food we could enjoy here... but I'm afraid I have already put too many photos here. So maybe on the other day! :D
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