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pay respects to CitizenFour

Recently I've read Glenn Greenwald's "No Place To Hide ~ Edward Snowden, The NSA, and the U.S.Surveillance State", and seen the film "CitizenFour" both focusing on Edward Snowden and NSA (National Security Agency) spying scandal in 2013.
I have to say I didn't understand how serious and disgusting this problem was when I've read the news then - it's not easy to understand the long articles full of NSA, GCHQ, PRISM or other acronyms, and sounded rather abstract. But the book written by the very journalist who has scooped the scandal, and the explanation by Snowden himself in the film are quite clear and helpful to understand the matter so I was shocked and horrified again.
Internet and the other modern technology are wonderful and we owe a lot to them but obviously we have not become wiser to use them properly. Any government, any agency can't be perfect, they'd degrade themselves inevitably - it's the human nature. So we should not allow any organization to monopolize the information and power...
Tags: book, thought

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