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My friend O will leave her current job in next month, and she wants to travel abroad before he'd start her new job in another company in August. She has had little opportunity to travel before and often wanted to travel with me. So I told her that I'd be able to join her on 3 or 4 days trip next month, and asked her where she wanted to go - some Micronesian island? Macau? There are not many choice to visit from Japan just for 4 days holiday. You know, for just 4 days, short trip, it's better to arrange earlier - to get the air tickets or book a room in a nice hotel with reasonable price. Yesterday and the day before yesterday I stayed up late at night and got information on internet and sent them to her for I'd like to let her enjoy her longed-for foreign trip. But her response was not what I've expected... she didn't replied me soon. Maybe she's not accustomed to arrange the trip by herself and doesn't understand we need to rather hurry. I know she is busy with her job but I am also busy and I have spent my precious evening time! So you know... now I'm a bit irritating! :(
I hope she'll soon make her mind and we'd be able to enjoy a short trip together in next month! I'll report about this here later.... XD
Tags: travel/going out

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