katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

A fine day

This morning maybe around 5am I have heard small miaows for a while. I was sure our familiar homeless cat family was near my window.
At 6am I woke up, opened the sliding paper screen and found it's a bright day!

Unfortunately... not only "bright". The temperature has risen to 31 degrees centigrade, the humidity to 80 per cent. A hot, humid, midsummer-like day. The good thing was, though, we have had nice breeze all day which made this hot day bearable :)

I left my house with Mr.Uma at 7:30am to visit the vet. Today there were many "patients" in the clinic so when we came home it's nearly 12:30. After the light lunch I cut Mr.Uma's nails with my mother's help (she holded Mr.Uma unmoved!)... today he was unusually a good boy! XD

Late in the afternoon my sisiter's family (sister, her husband, her son & 2 daughters) came here. Her son (my nephew) who has studied in USA since last summer is now home for his holiday, so we ate out together this evening - went to a nice greek restaurant. Then came home together, took pictures of all of us together, enjoyed playing mahjong or talking for a while. Around 23:00 they went home (in Tokyo).

I'm rather tired, but this was a fine day :)
Tags: daily life, mr.uma

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