katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

travel or rabbit ??

Today it's fine, we had the cloudless blue sky!

This fine weather made me want to travel far... travel abroad!

I have been rather a frequent traveler for an ordinary Japanese for over 20 years. As a Japanese office worker I couldn't take very long holiday, but most of time I have spent about 10 days or 2 weeks for a travel to Europe, USA, or sometimes to the South Pacific, once or twice a year. But recently I've been rather stay-at-home.
Because it's too comfortable to be at home - in my new house? Yes, partly. For I concern about my old mother? Yes it's also true. But the biggest reason is this.

My dear old rabbit Mr.Uma!  XD

Generally he is fine but sometimes unwell, and such small and old animal can be critically ill within just 2 days. It happened in March and he needed me at his side, and now I don't want to leave him more than 2 or 3 days. Thus I can't travel abroad at the moment though I really want to. This is a dilemma for me.
But Mr.Uma gives me much joy and comfort, I have no choice and can not complain.

Well, his condition has been stable recently, I hope I'll manage to find the opportunity...
Tags: mr.uma, thought

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