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Weekend trip

So... about my 3-day stay in the fasting retreat. The accommodation is in Izu-kogen area which is on Izu Peninsula and famous for its hot springs, beautiful shoreline and marine products, mountainous landform and many holiday homes & hotels.It's not a big hotel, maybe for about 25 or 30 guests, but has hot spring, hot stone spa, and some massage & exercise program. Though I found the best thing of this accommodation is not those facilities but its location in the quiet holiday home area. From any window we could see beautiful green of treees and the birds' song - especially bush warbler's songs were amazingly beautiful.

(The entrance of the accommodation, hall and terrace.)

(My room. Small but adequate, and facing the garden.)

There we had 2 meals a day, 10am and 6pm, very light meal - salad and soup. Some guests who had chose the real fasting had just a glass of juice on every meal.

(My supper on the first day, breakfast on the 2nd day.)

For our health body fat burning is important, and having little carbohydrate makes our body burn more fat, they said. And we were adviced to do light excercise, so I made walking on my 2nd day - about 2 hours and half. I walked to the nearby paddy field area which was a very tranquil, traditional farming village.

(Some farmers were having a rest & sit on a path between rice paddies.)

(In a empty paddy field waiting for rice planting two ducks were enjoying mild sunshine.)

During my trip the weather has been really good, there in Izu-kogen with many trees the air was really fresh. On this walk I could enjoy the tranquil view of countryside and comfortable air, and on the edge of the rice fields ...

Around this small pond I saw many...

Frogs!! and tadpoles under water! XD They were the creatures I can seldom see in my daily life in Yokohama so it's great fun to see them :)

(A stream,)


In the gardens & entrances of the holiday homes I saw many beautiful flowers.

And I had some hours to read or write letters, and of course to soak in a hot spring, to try hot stone spa.
I'm not sure I've become healthier but it was rather relaxing, nice weekend trip.  :)

...meanwhile, Mr.Uma was...
(On my chair)

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