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Welcome to Hiroshima

The biggest news this morning was President Obama's visit to Hiroshima.

He will go there on 27th May and be the first US President to express his condolences for the victims of atomic bomb dropped by USA in 1945 and has killed more than 150,000 people. All Japanese welcome this news, not because we want him and United State apologize but because want them know the inhumanity and the brutality of the weapon. 

As for the atomic bombing American people, especially the veterans seem always question about they should or should not apologize but curiously in Japan it's not as a big issue as in USA. Of course there might be some victims who want apology from USA but I believe for most of us ordinary Japanese people important thing is "they visit Hiroshima, and know how it was ... how it has been". Because we believe atomic bombing was the attack to the humanity itself and the serious menace to the world peace, and we hope anyone should know about it ... just like we all shold know about Auschwitz.

Now after 70 years not many people know & remember well about the WW2, even in our country young people don't have enough knowledge about the War and the atomic bomb. But we should remember, not brame each other but talk about them again and again...
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