katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Holiday again :)

Yesterday (2nd May) was a workday during the successive holudays so we were busy in the office. I worked till 22:00 and came home exhausted.Then met this little lady - Noa, my sister's black rabbit.

Sister and family are visiteing her husband's hometown during the holidays and has left Noa here. She is an active girl, actually she jumped onto my mother's bed ... and peed there! XD  A naughty girl!

And today is national holiday again! For I was tired I woke up rather late this morning, but did many things - mostly in the garden. Trimmed chrysanthemums, weeded some part of garden. In my garden now the irises are in full bloom, they are beautiful! I think our garden is most colourful in this time of year.

On a leaf of iris I found this small, beutiful moth. It looked like an elegantly dressed lady!

White rose flowers ... we 've had pink roses but never white flowers, and have not planted this but it appeared in the middle of our garden! Maybe bird would have brought its seed??
Tags: daily life

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