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full bloom

Yesterday it was cloudy and the temperature was lower than it has been lately. But everywhere cherry blossoms were beautiful so I again walked to the office through the residential area. I enjoyed hearing the bush warnler's beautiful song, then in a small park cherry trees were in full bloom! It's a pity that they didn't have blue sky as the background.

(Do you see the fallen petals on the ground?)

On lunchtime I ate out with co-workers, then in the afternoon I walked to a nearby office, on both way I enjoyed to see the cherry blossoms here and there.

(Even in the downtown many chery trees pleases the eyes of passersby.)

After work I met my best friend K and together we went to a park on a hill near Yokohama port. Local people like the park for many cherry trees in it but there are not many street lamps in that park so not many people go there in the evening. That's the reason we love to go there in the evening in this time of the year, looking at the cherry blossoms in dim light and quietness is wonderful.

(The night view of cherry blossoms in the park.)

We really enjoyed to stroll around the park and look at the flowers though around 8pm it started raining, we left the park and had a nice supper in a casual restaurant in China town. When I came home around 11pm and took off my coat I found a petal of cherry flower fallen on the floor. Maybe it has fallen from the tree on my coat or bag and I would have carried it all the way home.

(Look at the subtle pink of this petal.)
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