katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

He doesn't feel well...

Last night I ate out with my former co-worker and came home quite late, nearly midnight. Then found my rabbit Mr.Uma was not in good condition and has eaten just a little during the afternoon. He excreted well but his poops were softer than they should be, and he was unnaturally inactive. Alarmed, I took half day off today and took him to the vet. The vet also worried this sudden inactiveness - he has been just as usual and fine till yesterday morning - , tried some painkiller (Mr.Uma seems have some pain in his mouth for his malocclusion). I took Mr.Uma home before noon, gave him some green vegetables and pieces of carrot and went to the office. When I came home from the office this evening he was still not well, hadn't eaten vegetables except carrot. I gave him some water mixed with apple juice, some pieces of apple.
I'm not sure what's wrong with him, when the vet did the blood test last month everything was normal, Mr.Uma was totally healthy besides his malocclusion and the aging.
Quite unfortunately my mother left for her trip to USA with my sister this morning, I can't share my worry with her.
Anyway I'm going to take him to the vet again tomorrow to see the result of the painkiller. I hope he'd become well soon!
Tags: mr.uma

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