katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

4 months after

Today, 4 months after the Tohoku earthquake & Tsunami.

The police announced that the number of the dead is 15,550, number of the missing people is 5344. Once the sum of both was reported over 25,000 in April but it seemed be overestimated because of the inevitable confusion just after such enormous calamity, many missing people were reported by more than 2 or 3 relatives or friends.

It's good that the number of dead & missing decreased, still the number is too big, too much to imagine how is the situation in the damaged area, or for the suffering people. And at present nearly 100,000 people are forced to evacuate from their own places, especially the people originally lived in the area around the nuke plant in Fukushima...nobody knows when they'd be able to back to their towns even though their houses or towns were not damaged at all by the earthquake & tsunami. It's too cruel reality. And the disgusting Japanese politics made the situation twice worse, everyday we feel so mad, so helpless...

But at the same time, many volunteer people are trying to do their best, many many people are struggling to solve the situation. So we have to believe the power of ordinary people's energy & goodwill, and I heartily hope to do something...
Tags: disaster & resurrection

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