katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Came home late

Yesterday was the national holiday, I met 2 friends in Tokyo, enjoyed strolling around the local shopping streets near their houses - not smart nor modern shopping area, rather oldstyle, casual and popular area. We bought many home-cooked, inexpensive meals in delicatessens there, brought them to one of the friends' house and enjoyed eating & chatting. It was an enjoyable hpliday :) Though unfortunately her house was not near to mine, when I came home yesterday evening it was nearly midnight.
Today it's workday. In the evening I and my boss had dinner with someone for the job in rather expensive restaurant. The meeting and the food were good but unfortunately again, the restaurant was near some train station to where we need to have 1 hour train ride from Yokohama, it's around 22:00 when I came home.
Tomorrow is Saturday. I won't go out and relax at home !!!
Tags: daily life

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