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Travel to Australia 4 - Rottnest Island (quokkas!!)

So... at last, at last I put some photos of the cutest quokkas I've met on Rottnest Island XD

It's some years ago when I have first found the photos of this pouched animal inhabit mostly on Rottnest Island off the coast of Western Australia - near Perth. I was deeply fascinated by their "smiley" faces and had wanted to visit the island since then. So seeing them was the purpose of my trip to Western Australia.
We arrived at this Island in the morning of 17 Jan, first we haven't seen them around the main settlement (tourist information, hotel and shops) maybe because they are the nocturnal animal. But when we cycled around and stopped near the bus stop some quokkas appeared! Many quokkas know well that human would give them water and food so they are often seen near the settlement or beaches where tourists visit. We were quite careful not to feed them (feeding the wild animals is of course not good though there are many stupid tourists who give them crackers or too sweet fruits etc...) but bringing water bottle just for quokkas. we've heard that Rottnest Island is very dry (we didn't seen any river or pond of fresh water there) so quokkas love waters.
Anyway... THIS IS QUOKKA!!

(They are never afraid of humans, this cute one is on my backpack.)

(Cute, isn't he - or she - ?)

(Under the tree. These quokkas were a bit nervous.)

(The green thing is my knee! "Give me water!")

(This is not dying, it's just relaxed and sleeping. And this is very centre of human settlement ... in front of the busy shop!)

(I love water :D )

(Even after held by my friend this quokka didn't leave. It seemed that they didn't mind much being touched by human.)

(Looks like wallaby a bit. They can bounce like kangaroos when they hurry.)

See, they are soooo cute and it's worth traveling far from Japan to see them. On the first evening we soon found that they liked approaching humans - we saw many quokkas trying to find food on the floors of restaurants or cafe - once I saw one fat quokka was on the table in the cafe, licking its surface XD
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