katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Came home

This morning I returned from my 1 week holiday trip to Australia. My flight arrived at Tokyo in early morning so when I came home my mother was still sleeping. What I have done first was feeding Mr.Uma and cleaning his toilet. Then I opened my travel bag and washed the clothes I'd worn during the travel, and took a bath. I flew from Perth to Singapore yesterday then took night flight to Tokyo so couldn't sleep enough. This afternoon I took the stuff from the bag and put them away, had no time to see the computer screen. Now I'm tired after the enjoyable and very eventful trip, hopefully write about it weekend. It's not long enough still a wonderful trip! Now in Yokohama it's quite cold, I saw the remained snow at the end of our garden - I heard it had snowed Monday morning - badly.
As for my trip I spent one day in Perth, joined 1 day tour visiting Pinnacles Desert, one day in Fremantle, then 3 days in Rottnest Island - cycling and ...Quokkas!!! Yes I saw them ... MANY! XD I'll report it in near future!
Tags: mr.uma, travel/going out

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