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New Year days

Now I'm on the 2nd day of 2016. The weather is good again, we have warm and mild sunshine, Mr.Uma is now happily relaxing on my coverlet which I spread on tatami floor to save tatami from blanched by the sun.

Yesterday, the New Year's Day started with a gorgeous brunch. My sister, her husband and 2 daughters are staying with us, this is the annual famly gathering. This year sister's son is not here for he has been studying in USA since last summer, and we miss Tsuku of course still we enjoyed the food and the peaceful atmosphere in a sunny room. One of my nieces loves the kumquat I've cooked, and I'm afraid that sha might ate nearly 20 fruits (@_@)    I cooked the kumquat with much sugar so I think eating too many kumquat at once is not good for her health! ...But, well, it's the New Years Day, and she is young so I wouldn't mind it! XD

Then around noon we burried Tsuku in our garden, next to Mikebo(the rabbit I'd lived with before Mr.Uma has come here)'s grave. Having a funeral on New Years Day was sad, but I think it's good that this was on our holiday and the family could be here together.

Every year on the 1st day we take pictures of the whole family, this has been the custom of our family since our childhood. This year my nephew is not here but we called him up on Internet phone, took pictures of us all with an iPad which showed his face on its screen! The modern technology is amazing!

There are 6 people in the house, two of them are the growing teenagers so I spend much time in the kitchen to prepare food or wash the dishes, still I have time to enjoy reading or browsing internet in my room. I'm thinking of visiting Perth, Australia with a friend for our short holiday in near future so want to get information. The reason I think of Perth as the travel destination is just I want to see this !!

Quokka! The happiest animal on earth! I hope we'd be able to meet them :)

My older niece (16 years old) wore the traditional Kimono for the family picture(it's MY Kimono, but she looked nice in it!), then she played shamisen. Doesn't this look very Japanse ?
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