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The life goes on

In the morning of New Year's Eve my sister's rabbit Tsuku died. Recently she had had some physical problems and yesterday she ate just a little so we were worrying about her. In the morning we found her condition was quite serious so I called my sister  - her family had come home late yesterday evening from their 2 day trip. Unfortunately sister couldn't make it, she arrived here 25 minutes after Tsuku's death. At least I and mother was at Tsuku's side until the last and she seemed to feel comfortable with our touch. I haven't thought that my rabbit Mr.Uma would outlive Tsuku for he might be at least 2 years older than Tsuku. They are both a kind of the refugee  from the nuke crisis in Fukushima after the earthquake & Tsunami disaster in 2011, Tsuku was born of the parents rabbits rescued in Fukushima in May 2011, Mr.Uma was already an adult rabbit when he was rescued in Fukushima in May 2011. I have seen the small animals dying many times before so I knew Tsuku was going when I saw her, and I wasn't shaken too much by her death - this is obviously because Tsuku ws not my rabbit - though I miss her naughty cuteness. I'm just sorry for my sister's children could not be with Tsuku, they (16 & 13 years old girls. 19 boy is now studying in USA) arrived here in the afternoon and seem to be very sad, of course. But we anyway have to see our pet animals would go and each of them teachs us much. I hope my nieces would want to have another animals someday.

So we felt rather blue today still there were many things we had to do on the last day of the year. I cleaned my room and Mr.Uma's cage. I took it apart and wiped them, and all the while he anxiously looked at what I was doing with his house XD

We had mild sunshine & sometimes it's cloudy but it's not much cold today. A homeless cat came into our garden to drink water from our water-pot and left, some finchs flitted around our kumquat tree. Mild, quiet New Year's Eve.

Now late in the evening I can hear my older niece is practicing the shamisen (three-stringed Japanese instrument) in the living room. After our cute rabbit Tsuku died our lives go on still. I hope the coming New Year would be a peaceful, and hopefully the fruitful one for us all.
Tags: daily life, mr.uma

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