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Busy days in the end of the year.

I'm spending quite busy days in this end of 2015.

Monday, I went to the concert of classical music - Beethoven's 9th Symphony - after work. My LJ friends might remember that I've gone to listen to the 9th about 10 days ago too. The truth is that the performance was so poor and I was really disappointed that I decided to try another performance of 9th symphony. In Japan Beethoven's 9th is considered to be suitable for the end of the year and in the last half of December there are many concert of the symphony. I could have got 2 tickets of the concert with a very good conductor and asked my best friend to come with me. Unfotrtunately she was busy on that day but her husband wanted to come, so this monday I enjoyed very good performance of Beethoven's 9th with him. The performance ended about 9 pm when my best friend could join us, then we had supper together in a small and nice restaurant in Chinatown. It was a good evening with wonderful music and nice supper & chat with friends but when I came home it was already midnight.

The next day, Tuesday was the last workday in 2015. In the morning I had rather important meeting, then after lunchtime we had the annual "officecleaning" time. On the last workday we can leave the office earlier than usual, most of the workers left there around 3pm. But I had some work around 4pm, left the office around 5pm. After supper I'd like to write on here or check something on my computer but I was too tired to do so.

Today, Wednesday morning I slept late, but then did many things!

In the morning I cleaned around the entrance of our house then put New Year's decoration.

(Pine branches at the entrance of the house & the decoration on the front door)

Before noon I had some posts from my foreign friends.

One of them (the small box) was from my Czech friend and its content was...

Wow! The nicest biscuits!! Thank you very much dear vjezkova!! They tasted very good, and very European taste :D

Since yesterday evening my sisiter's rabbit Ms.Tsuku has stayed here with us during her masters' are on their 2-day ski trip.  - Do you remember my sister has broken 6 ribs at the beginning of Nov? And now she goes skiing! X(  - Anyway Tsuku had long and very soft white hair and this afternoon I brushed her fur on the sunny terrace. Enjoyable task, but I was totally covered with her fallen hair XD

Late in the afternoon I picked kumquat fruits from the tree. This year I have really rich harvest, I picked about 250 fruits but there remain still countless fruits on the tree.

Then took all the small seeds out of the fruits, simmered 250 fruits with sugar.

This is one of our annual "New Year's treats". Let's see how good they'd be cooked tomorrow morning! :)

It was a productive day but I'm afraid it's already midnight at the moment XD

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