katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

The annual scrabble day!

Yesterday was a national holiday and many people enjoyed pre-Christmas gathering. (Here in Japan, non-Christian country, Christmas is quite a commercial event!)
And for me, and for my best friend and her husband, this national holiday has been the biggest "Scrabble day" in one year! XD As always we had lunch together here - not homemade food for unfortunately none of us is a good cook X)
(But I made simple salad.)

Then... Scrabble time! I have to say, yesterday the combination of vowel piece and consonant piece was quite odd and we couldn't make good matches. Still we enjoyed the game very much.

("V" is one of  most difficult pieces to make words...)

When we ended the last match and my friends left here it was almost midnight, so today in the office I had to smother yawns sometimes.
Tags: daily life

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