katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

It's not about religion.

For the last few days I was trying to write my thought about the Paris' incident but it's quite difficult to choose the proper words when so many ordinary people are killed. But one thing I can say is ... this is not about the religion, rather about money as always. If those terrorists had had some money and decent life, the hope and the ordinary happiness, they'd never become the terrorists I'm sure. There are always the violent fundamentalists anywhere and we can't help it but most of the members of those terroristic groups must not be the born terrorists. One of the real problems is obviously the widening gap between rich and poor. This means, to stop those horrific and meaningless violence the military force could never be enough. As long as we'd let the gap widening, more ordinary men'd become terrorists in any country. And it's far more difficult problem to be solved than the battles, this thought makes me feel so depressed.
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