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Accident (@_@;)

Today is the national holiday, the weather was fine and comfortable. My sister and her daughters has arrived here last evening and was going to pick the fruits from our third persimmon tree today. But ... in the morning my sister fell from the stepladder.
It's unbelievable, she has done this - climbing a ladder and picking the persimmon fruits from tree - for about 30 years and quite accustomed. And she fell so badly that she couldn't move for a while, I had to call an ambulance. In the hospital they found she had broken 6 ribs (!!!!) and of course she'd have to stay there - maybe for 2 weeks. Luckily she didn't seem to have injured internal organs (we need to wait the final diagnosis for some days but at least doctors found no serious injuries today.). I went to the hospital with her, and had to wait in front of the emergency room for hours, call her husband & ask to come, fill the papers for the hospitalization, talk with the nurses etc. In the middle of afternoon her husband arrived and I could shared the things to do with him(I couldn't leave him everything because he also had to take care of their children and their rabbit, talk to my sister's office etc ). I also worried about our old mother.
So you know... now in the evening I feel quite exhausted. And ... on the persimmon tree in question there still are hundreds of fruits X(

...When we rode on the ambulance I have brought just my purse, mobile, pocket diary and a pen in a hurry (of course no books) so had nothing to do in the waiting room. I spent the waiting time just doodling on my diary.
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