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memory of war

When we cleaned out my grandparents' old house before taking it down and building a new house, we found many old stuff. We threw away most of them but kept some things as mementos.

This Japaned wooden dish is one of them, it had belonged to my grandmother and she had treasured it for many years. This is not for daily use, recently when we had guests here mother wanted to display it & took it out from the closet for the first time since we'd got it. Then I noticed the writing on its bottom.

Writing someone's name or date of the event etc on the bottom of lacquer ware - we do this sometimes when we have a happy event - for example wedding, birth of child, winning some prize -, and give them to our friends or relatives to share our happiness with them.
And on this old dish, there were someone's name and "in commemoration of going to the front" - this man went to The second Shino-Japanese War(1937-1941). He is a distant relative of my grandmother, I believe not a common soldier but served as a kind of secretary in the army, came back to Japan safely.
But you see, 80 years ago it's considered to be an happy event to go to the front. So happy - or maybe honorable to make a present of Japaned dish to the relatives. It's a bit difficult feeling to understand for us who think of any war as a cruel event.

Thankfully we change, now nobody would present a things to commemorate going to the war, though we still have the tragic warfare all over the world.


Here is another example of the commemorative writing on a wooden tray.

This wooden tray is a commemorative of really happy event. On its bottom there is the name of my cousin and "the first Boy's Festival", this was the present to us relatives from his parents(my aunt and uncle), commemorated his birth.
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