katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Grandfather's clock

Writing not about so-called grandfather's clock, but about the clock which had belonged to my grandfather for many years.

The clock had been hanged on the wall of my grandfather's (mother's father's) house for more than 75 years. It's a pendulum clock and about once a week he has wound it up for many years (so I heard).  While he was alive it stopped working, then after his death (in 1997) it has dropped from the wall and broken. But it was the precious memorabile for the family so my mother couldn't throw it away, she wrapped the broken clock and some broken away parts in a big cloth and put it in the closet.
5 years ago I found it in my grandfather's house and took it home, found the watchmaker who could repair the old pendulum clock on internet, then asked him to let the clock work again.

Thus, after many years this clock is now my possession and on the wall of our living room, and I or mother wind it up once a week. It isn't perfectly correct but the time difference is small, and its hourly striking sound is very retro and somehow comfortable. When I wind up the clock - I have to be rather careful for every parts of it is old and fragile - I often feel and think many things - about our family history or interitance of things from our ancestor, and about the future when I'd leave these things behind...

Tags: daily life, project, thought

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