katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Now. It. Began.

Now, finally, it began again.

What is "it"?  It is this heat, this high humidity... yes, our Asian summer.

It's our annual rainy season now and for the last days the temperature and humidity rose, made us sweat. It's not intolerable at all yet but irritate enough to make us remember the unbearable heat of the mid-summer. The temperature itself is not a real problem, but the humidity... it really make us become exhausted, and the too strong air-conditioning (we find it too often!) is not good also. But this summer, with the shortage of electricity we'll not be able to use much air-conditioning and nobody knows what will happen with this situation...

With all these concern the summer has begun anyway. I'm telling myself that I must hang in about many things...!
Tags: daily life

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