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Today's cats and rabbit

The fragrance od sweet olive is quite short-lived, we can enjoy it just about from 4 to 6 days for a year. Though today I can still smell it in the air, subtle but refreshing.

Today it's cloudy, after 2 rainy days the ground and grasses are wet. In the morning a homeless kitten has been miaowing miserably for hours, sounded like looking for its mother. It was on our wooden terrace or in the garden, made us worry about it. I know this kitten has mother and sisters (or brothers), early in this morning I saw the mother cat with it but she's gone for (maybe) hunting for food and this small one was left behind. I suspect that she might concider our garden to be a safe refuge for her kittens X(

(A small, thin kitten on our terrace, looks sad...)

(It's sitting on a plastic cap of some pipe - drainage or something - on the ground.)

Before noon I saw other 2 kittens - the first one's sisters (or brothers), they three were playing, running together, even drank water from our water pot.

Well... all right. This is a very peaceful scene, I don't mind 1 or 2 cat poops on the grass X(

Meanwhile inside of the house...

My rabbit Mr.Uma likes to sit on my futon.

On sunny day I often put my futon on the terrace to air them in sunshine but when I can't do it - on rainy or cloudy day I use "futon dryer" (an electric device that warms and dries a futon) in my bedroom. To use it I spread my futon on tatami floor, and Mr.Uma of course likes to sit on it. But he has peed on my futon some times in the past, so now, when I spread my futon on the floor I put the fence between futon and the space Mr.Uma lives to prevent him coming on the futon. But sometimes there is a gap between fences and Mr.Uma tries to trespass... XD

("I'd like to jump on & sit on this futon...")
Tags: daily life, mr.uma

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