katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

A beautiful day

There is a day like ... when I know this is the best day in a year. This is not a reasonable conclusion at all, of course, I might say it's a kind of... a figure of speech? Anyway, only sometimes I find "Today is the best day" ... mostly in spring, or in early autumn.
The day before yesterday, in the morning sweet olive trees began to bloom. I noticed the unmistakable fragrance of them, and yesterday it grew stronger. During the daytime it was sunny and warm but not hot, the air was fresh and comfortable ... I thought that it was one of those "best days".

(Sweet olive flowers in our garden)

There are not many flowers in the garden in this time of the year but there were some, and greenery was still vivid in autumn sunlight.

Autumn is the good season to do something, anything here. Now I'm on my workdays and feel restless, but also I'd like to do something creative....
Tags: daily life, thought

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