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small support

Today I went to a small Okinawa restaurant with my friend for dinner. Okinawa is the Japan's most southern prefecture, consists of many islands in a chain over 1,000 km long. It has totally different cultural, geographical and historical background from the main island of Japan, so Okinawa cuisine is considered as "ethnic cooking". I enjoyed their food very much, and there was one more thing to report here.

The mistress of the restaurant has a friend living in the badly stricken area by the disaster of March therefore she is keen to support the victims, often sending the things which are needed there. So I donated some staff & money, asked her to send them to her friends in Tohoku. I myself have no particular relationship with the area at all so it's good for me that I can imagine the faces of the people who would get those staff. Is was just a small support, and maybe it makes me feel good more than it would the recipients.
Tags: daily life, disaster & resurrection

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