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Travel to Switzerland with mother (^^;) - 3. Meiringen

In the middle of June I and my mother have visited Switzerland. This is the 3rd report about the travel :)

The 1st report http://katriona-s.livejournal.com/350930.html
The 2nd report http://katriona-s.livejournal.com/352050.html

The weather somehow became better.

In the morning, in the light rain, we left Luzern for Meiringen.

(Swans and ducks said Good-bye to us. ...The fact is, I believe they expected us to give them some bread!)

Even in the gloomy weather the view from the train window was fascinating. We arrived at Meiringen not in sunshine but at least it's dry there!

(Quite Swiss-like houses and a small church in Meiringen.)

We took a cable-car to go up to the alp. Unfortunately on the high alp it's drizzling and a fog lay all around but from the middle height we could enjoy walking. Though there was no view of great mountains far, it's nice enough to walk in the fresh air!

(We could see the famous Reichenbach Fall on the other mountainside.)

After we walked down to the towncentre we decided to visit Reichenbach Fall. We had a light rain sometimes but after the terrible weather in Luzern we felt like it's a fine day XD. We walked to the other end of the town, took another cable-car to visit the fall. It's not a very big fall but quite dramatic sight, without the fame as "the last place of Sherlock Holmes" it's worth visiting. I have been there once about 15 years ago but on my 2nd visit I could be pleasantly surprised.

(Reichenbach Fall, famous for Sherlock Holmes story.)

When we came back to the hotel we were pleasantly tired but felt good. And the hotel room, hotel staffs, and the meal in their restaurant were all good. No wonder I prefer small Meirimgen town to Luzern!  XD

(To be continued)
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