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Bon season

After 10 or 15 gloomy, wet days yesterday we finally had fine weather! And today too! We enjoy the sunshine very much though I know soon we'll have too strong sunshine and high temperature, and would miss the gloomy but cool days X)

Summer is "Bon" season in Japan, when the spirits of our ancestors are supposed to revisit us. People visit their family graves, clean them and put flowers or foods on them. If the family live far from their family temple and grave, as we do, the Buddhist priest of the temple visit them for Bon ceremony.
Our family temple is in Nagano prefevcure, my grandfather's hometown so we can't visit our family grave often. Every year, in Bon season (the middle of July) the priest has come here to recite a sutra - for three generations. Yesterday afternoon he came as he did last year, and as his father & his grandfather had done for many years. He is young, had succeeded to the chief priest just some years ago from his father, but he has a nice voice & his recitation was good.

During his sutra resitation there came nice breeze from the open windows - it's summer breeze. And the comfortable breeze made me want to visit some beach, or some mountain to spend quiet days of summer holidays...
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