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Travel to Switzerland with mother (^^;) - 1. Rain in Luzern.

In the middle of June I and my mother have visited Switzerland. I have been there some times but it was the 1st visit for mother, so she had been looking forward to it very much. I report about the travel here, bit by bit - for I haven't sorted out all the pictures I took yet X)

First day - Luzern.

We arrived at Zurich airport then took train going to Luzern. The weather forecast I had checked in Japan before the travel had warned rain but when we arrived at Luzern it was fine, many people were strolling around the lake and the famous Kapell bridge. We were lucky enough to see Pilatus and Rigi from the towncentre.

Kappel bridge on Reuss river, and Pilatus(mountain).

Vierwald-statter lake and Rigi(mountain).
These are the view from our hotel room.

We left our luggage in our hotel room and enjoyed walking - first along the river, then gone to see the famous lion monument.

The hotel we have stayed, view from Kapell bridge. We should alarmed with those gray clouds...

The dying lion monument was in the small park which was 5 or 10 minutes walk from the riverside, not so far. When we left the waterfront we noticed some raindrop. I had my small umbrella in my bag but mother had left hers in hotel room and we didin't back there to get it because the weather was so good just 10 minutes ago. What a stupid decision!

The way to the park was not easy to find and when it began raining in dead earnest we were just middle of the way and could not turn back. When we found the small park with lion monument we were already soaked under one small umbrella, then it became a real downpour!

Anyway, this is the lion I saw in the rain X)

When we somehow managed to arrive the hotel again ... everything we've worn was deadly wet. The stupid thing was, we both had waterproof jackets and shoes in our luggage we'd left. So... on our first night in Switzerland what we had done was ... tryng to dry our clothes and shoes. The heater was not working but fortunately there was a electric fan in our hotel room! XD
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