katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

After ten days, in the office...

Today I first went to the office after my holiday travel. I have almost - and comfortably - forgot my job situation but when I met my co-worker in the morning he told me "there has been nothing good during your absence!"

During my holiday our boss has attended an important meeting but nothing was decided there, the decision was just postponed till next month. Because that delay some reports I have left for in-house newsletter or for the website had to be revised or just pending. The new worker who had been planed to be posted to our team was of course cancelled and we had to interview the temporary staffs to make up for the vacancy as stopgap. I did a little overtime work to correct the terrible report someone has made during my absence.

Well... this is the job. Quite normal day in the office  X)
Tags: daily life

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