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busy day

Now I and mother have lived in our new house for about 14 months, this morning the architect and the construction company executive visited here to ask us if we had any problems in it. Fortunately we have no serious troubles in our house, we are quite satisfied with it. But we told them about some minor problems and asked about 1 or 2 improvements. They seemed to be pleased to know we were happy with the house.
To see them I took a day off from my office, after they left here I went out. First I visited some public office to get my new passport, then took trains to go to Roppongi, a very busy downtown in Tokyo. On its back alley there is a small cemetery, I visited the grave of my friend who has passed away last year. Her death still shakes my mind. Then I visited the nearby big art museum to see the exhibition of Rene Magritte, the famous Belgian surrealist artist.
So this was a long, fruitful day.

(Oe of the paintings I enjoyed today in the museum. It's wonderful!)
Tags: daily life

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