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My boss,  whom I have worked with since last October, is the person who had been in the same teams as I twice and for years before so we know each other well. Generally he is a good boss, not too clever but always positive and optimistic about other people, and respects my skill to write or edit. But you know, even the best boss causes the problems for his subordinates.

Today we had the important meeting and there the director pointed some problems in our job plan. But for my boss it's not serious problems while I found many difficulties to solve them. He always keep the situation simpler and easier and I worry & prepare more than him. This time too, he left the office on time while I did some overwork to record the event or sent some e-mails etc, and I left the office, feeling exhausted. Maybe I'm too pessimistic or cynical, especially about the people. I know I'm rather misanthropy in the office and sometime too optimistic boss is anathema... X(

(the trees and flowers I saw near my office this afternoon)
Tags: daily life

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